How Merrco helps regulated industry.

Building on an already existing medical marijuana distribution model, Merrco’s cannabis e-commerce system offers governments a long-term solution with fully customizable federal and provincial compliance controls.

How Merrco’s payment gateway keeps cannabis out of the wrong hands.

Benefits of Merrco’s cannabis e-commerce solution.

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Promotes legalizing, not normalizing.

Online sales minimize the need for cannabis storefronts. A direct-to-consumer mail-order system establishes a safe and responsible supply chain.

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Prevents minors from purchasing cannabis.

Proven third-party age verification can be customized by region to ensure cannabis is sold only to Canadians legally allowed to purchase.

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Ability to limit quantity purchased by single buyer.

Quantity limits are fully customizable to meet federal and provincial regulations, and can be adjusted in real time to reflect changing legislation.

Ensures quality and safety for legal buyers.

With a direct-to-consumer mail-order system, the product is protected from seed to sale to home delivery, with no break in the chain of custody, and no entry point for illicit-market activity.

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Eliminates illicit‑market activity.

No physical cash means no entry point for organized crime. Merrco’s technology offers device fingerprinting and geofencing to control distribution. Merrco’s payment gateway allows vendors and governments to manage KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti‑money laundering) risks seamlessly.

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There’s no additional cost to governments.

The infrastructure for Merrco’s cannabis e-commerce solution is already in place, saving governments the cost of having to build a new product payment system that provides a compliance solution. Merrco’s technology can provide detailed monthly reports to provincial regulators on purchases, including tax collected.