Cannabis e‑commerce meets government compliance.

Merrco is a secure payment gateway with fully customizable compliance controls to protect the integrity of highly regulated industry.

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Who we are.

Merrco’s payment gateway technology provides a fully customizable method to regulate a direct‑to-consumer cannabis mail‑order system in Canada. This system ensures cannabis can only be sold to Canadians legally allowed to purchase, while eliminating any entry point for illicit‑market activity.

We’re thorough.

Merrco’s payment gateway checks over 200 possible points of data in real time to verify each consumer is legally authorized to purchase cannabis.

We’re customizable.

As Canada moves away from cannabis prohibition, regulations may change based on provincial or municipal legislation. Merrco’s compliance controls can be adjusted in real time to reflect any change in policy.

We’re proven.

Merrco uses the same technology that regulates payments for provincial online lotteries. Merrco’s infrastructure builds on the highly successful medical marijuana e-commerce distribution model.

We’re experts.

Merrco is comprised of a team with extensive experience in the payment space, servicing regulated industry, working closely with both governments and vendors.