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Merrco provides a wide range of expert based e-commerce solutions for clients across the globe. Merrco focuses on ensuring regulatory, legal and scheme compliance on emerging products, trades and services within the payments ecosystem.


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About Merrco

Merrco provides PoS, Gateway and e-commerce solutions for a wide range of clients around the world. From major restaurant groups PoS solutions to new emerging e-commerce markets such as the forthcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada, Merrco’s goal is to be your long-term acquiring solutions partner.

Merrco has assembled a team without equal. Merrco’s Acquiring & Scheme Regulatory Compliance is led by a Former Federal Prosecutor whose KYC & AML expertize, payments experience and relationships can be critical to securing long-term, tier-A acquiring for your emerging products and services. The Merrco team also includes former Sr. Law Enforcement personnel recognized globally for their ability to review, analyze and make recommendations to your targeted potential acquiring partners.

Merrco’s team provides acquiring banks the comfort and clarity which Chief Risk Officers and their teams require to ensure a long and healthy future in today’s payments ecosystem for your products or services.

Top Tier Solutions

Don’t let your payment solutions fail you. Merrco provides the expertise, experience and direction needed to succeed in today’s market.


Merrco’s consulting services have the ultimate goal of identifying PoS and e-commerce facilities with acquiring banking partners for your products or services.


Merrco assists with regulatory approval and compliance which is key to successful market penetration and development.


Merrco provides expert in-house legal reviews, guidance and maintenance giving comfort to all levels of the payments ecosystem.

Risk & Compliance

Risk Management experts with law enforcement, e-commerce and regulatory backgrounds collaborate at Merrco to ensure peace of mind for all payments ecosystem stakeholders.

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